It is not unusual for many users to use weak passwords since they are easier to remember or to use scripts, templates and plug-ins which are not updated for a long period of time. In either of these examples, it won't be a challenge for a hacker to take over the site and following that to take control of other sites which may be hosted within the same account. In order to avoid this kind of a scenario, we have added an advanced level security option named JailHost. It restricts the access which a script has solely to its own folder, so in the event that one of your sites is compromised, the attacker will see its content, but will not be able to see any other content within your account, which means that the damage will be minimal. Needless to say, employing JailHost doesn't substitute the security measures you should always take by keeping your scripts up-to-date and using long and complex passwords, still it'll enable you to restrict the damage to one site only.

JailHost in Cloud Web Hosting

If you host your Internet sites within a cloud web hosting account from our firm, you will be able to protect them by using the JailHost feature with just a couple of mouse clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel. This option is provided with all packages and can be enabled for every folder since the domains and subdomains in Hepsia have individual folders, so that files for various sites never get mixed up as it often happens with other Control Panels. We haven't activated JailHost by default because you might use scripts which need access to folders outside the primary site folder and this option can interfere with their correct operation, but shielding all the other folders is simple and easy. If a protected website gets hacked for whatever reason, we'll be able to recover it promptly as we will have multiple daily backup copies of your entire account and you will even be able to search the available backups from Hepsia.