You'll find lots of cloud web hosting companies on the market, yet many of them are resellers that have limited resources, especially when it comes to support. One way to distinguish them is the option to reach the company by phone. The level of support that you'll receive through this way of communication varies based on the service provider - a few of them provide you with expert telephone support, many others offer common and customer support only because some matters are more time-consuming and it is more convenient to be resolved with a ticket, particularly when the situation has to be escalated. Still, it's good to know that you can always contact your hosting supplier because there're countless small problems which can be managed effectively and in a very timely manner with a telephone call, not mentioning that you'll be able to get more information regarding the services even before you become a customer.

Phone Support in Cloud Web Hosting

Because we have live telephone support 14 hrs every day, you have the option to call us and speak with one of our customer support agents to get more info about all of the Linux cloud web hosting that we supply and make sure that our servers match the system requirements for your websites before buying anything. For your convenience, we now have phone numbers on 3 different continents so you'll be able to call the one closer to you - in the USA, the UK or Australia. In case you are already an existing customer, you can call about general and billing matters, or even about some tech issues. If the issue is strictly technical or it requires longer time to handle, you will have to use our ticketing system, that will enable both you and our tech support team to monitor the information supplied by either side.